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Cream and Pink Makeup Artist _ Stylist P

mini Megsie Bray

little Lily Cleo Hewitt

grown-up Megsie

grown-up Lily

Barley fields, herbal tea and old folk stories

As far as our mothers can remember. . . we first met at the wedding of a mutual friend of theirs one midsummer night, out amid the Kentish barley fields over two decades ago.

We bonded over our shared love of sandals, books, folklore (especially King Arthur) and our wild imaginations, and so a lifelong friendship was born. Life has blown in all sorts of different directions but we have always been a constant for one another through ups and downs.

Untitled design (1).png
Storm Foal flower (7).png

Purely by chance, we both went to the same university to study Education and we graduated in Canterbury Cathedral together in 2015.​​ After years of playing, painting, writing and studying together (not to mention one Megsie's more exciting adventures to Athens where she worked at a publishing company for a year and returned with two stray cats and a newfound love of pomegranates), we wrote the first draft of a children's book about kelpies.


Our favourite kinds of days are stormy days, when we will sit together with our herbal teas and Lily's dog Firle... and write...

The Story of Us

Find out more about our amazing illustrator, Maddy Vian here

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