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Here you can find information about some of creatures and ideas in our books. None the creatures in our stories are made-up; these ideas and stories have been around for hundreds and hundreds of years. At Meadow Song Books, we believe that imagination is important. But we also know that stories about folk creatures bring children closer to history, heritage and the real world - kelpies don't belong to us any more than they belong to the children who read our books and we think that is part of what makes our books special. Learn more about them here!



Kelpies come from Scotland. Legend tells us that they are mainly found around rivers and lochs, but sometimes they may also be found on the shores of Scottish beaches.


Kelpies were often described as black horses when on land, although it is said that the kelpie from the Isle of Skye was a white horse. Different places seem to have their own unique kelpies - and their appearances often vary greatly from one another!

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Old Fisherman Bill was right!

Much the same as mermaids, encountering a kelpie is dangerous business. This is because they are more likely to try to drown people than they are to befriend them...

In the old stories from Scotland, children are often especially drawn to kelpies. This is unfortunate since most kelpie stories do not end well for the people who meet them!


In The Storm Foal, Rose was very lucky to meet a good-natured kelpie. Although they are not completely unheard of, stories about kelpies befriending children are quite rare. Even though kelpies are far more likely to harm people than to help them, there are stories where they help people too.

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