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The Storm Foal

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Come on an adventure with us - in our first book! Get your copy of The Storm Foal here now!

The Storm Foal is available for purchase - search on Amazon to find your little one's new favourite story.

“Oh my life! I’ve never seen…”

The vicar’s daughter muttered.

“Is that bad luck?” “A kelpie horse!”

I heard from windows shuttered.


A kelpie story - inspired by folklore from Scottish mythology.

One stormy summer's day the lighthouse of a small town flickers out and a lost kelpie, Finn, wanders ashore in the dark. Rose befriends him and decides to bring him home - despite warnings not to! But as the kelpie spends more time on land, both he and the weather become more and more out of control. Despite their fun and friendship... is the kelpie meant to be somewhere else?

A heartwarming and magical tale about the lifelong impact of true friendship. This enchanting tale is sure to be a new favourite bedtime story or summer picture book for any young reader.

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